Free online training via sponsored by Renne Library offers a suite of training videos from specific software packages to up-and-coming technology trends, to documentaries following creative professionals in a variety of disciplines. The training library is searchable by subject, software, or author. Users may also create accounts, thereby saving specific courses and tracking individual progress.

  • Create a profile at from a computer on campus or from an Extension office.
  • Then scroll down to and click on the link to create a profile before you can access the site.
  • Once you have set up your profile and created a login and password you can access Lynda. com from any computer on campus or off, any time of day or night, download exercise files and transcripts, watch over 1,400 videos on a wide variety of subjects, and receive certificates of completion at the conclusion of each video.

Professional Development & Training (PD&T)

MSU Human Resources Professional Development & Training (PD&T) offers a range of programs and services designed to meet a wide variety of MSU employee needs.

MSU Human Resources PD&T's strategic purpose is to help build the skills and capacity of MSU employees of all types. By providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities, our desired outcome is to increase MSU employees' effectiveness–and their ability to contribute and excel. Workshops will be offered on a variety of topics, such as management development skills, leadership, communication, and teamwork. Learn more at PD&T web pages.