Andrew Board, Skilled Craft                      Ron Brekke, IUBC                                         Steve Doner, Classified Professional

Bob Eichenberger, CSAC                            Keely Holmes, UFPB- Public Arts               Milana Lazetich, Tech/Paraprofessional

Katelynne Cowart, Tobacco Taskforce     Kerrie Marx, MSU Benefits                         Candace Mastel, PTAC

Katherine Owens, Personnel                     Gina Taylor, Secretarial/Clerical                Wendy Minster, Off-Campus

Jennifer Nesbitt, Rec. Sports                      Ramie Pederson, MSU Benefits                 David Reese, Budget Council

Sarah Rieger, MSU Benefits                        Joe Robbins, Skilled Craft                            Dorie Seymour, Secretarial/Clerical

Mark Magee, Outreach & Engagement   Glen Steinhoff, UFPB/Parking Appeals      Todd Reuterdahl, Service Maintenance

Lyle Williams, Tech/Paraprofessional      Blaine Taylor, Service Maintenance            Jared Zanieri, Service Maintenance

Vacant, Parking Appeals                             Kasia Maison, Classified Prof./PCSUW/Planning 

Staff Senate/Professional Council Quarterly Joint Meeting

I.  Call to Order

Additions or Corrections to the Agenda

II.  New Business

a.  Changes to MUS Benefits (Amy Hager, UHR)
b.  Grant Stree Project Presentation (Candace Mastel, PTAC)
c.  Catapalooza Discussion (Lisa Hespen, Program Coordinator)

III.  MUSSA Information 

a.  May BOR Meeting
b.  Staff Satisfaction Survey Update

IV.   Informational Items

        a.  Staff Scholarship Program Update
        b.  Diversity Showcase (Ramie) - March 26th from 5 - 7 p.m. in Inspiration Hall

V.  Updates and Other Business

a.  Staff Senate- Elections Information (Lisa)
b.  Professional Council- 
       i.  Tuesday, 3/26/19 at 9 a.m. - SUB #235 with Katye Kaminski, Assoc. Dean/Director of Student Success – College of              Ed., Health & Human Development. Refreshments will be served.

       ii.  Spring Social will be April 23rd in the SUB Rec. Center w/ bowling and festivities to help us get to know each other              plus what folks want from PC next year.

      iii.  We are looking for 1 extra volunteer from PC to join Erika with help with the Staff Scholarship Program’s                              fundraising; perhaps an editor to assist with making ads/letters to donors?

Public Comment


Next Meeting:  April 17, 2019, 9-11 a.m. in SUB #235