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  1. Student Research Celebration! Congratulations all of our students! #montanastate #JJCBE 17 hours
  2. Spring semester 2014 ends for me in 15 days and 47 minutes #MontanaState #bringonthesummer 18 hours
  3. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas #snowingagain #montanastate 19 hours
  4. An MSU Track team of the past @MSUXCTrack @msubobcats! They look like winners to us! #MontanaState 21 hours
  5. Somebody wrote "380" in chalk on my facade by my front doors. Does anyone know what it's referencing? #BeenTemporarilyTattooed #MontanaState 22 hours
  6. @moccozepol Congratulations! We're excited to have you here! If you have any questions, please feel free to tweet at us! #MontanaState 23 hours
  7. I am officially playing tuba in college. Just received a music scholarship from MSU! #tuba #Bobcats #MontanaState 1 day
  8. It's National Library Week! We're sure all these students here in the library are here just to celebrate with us. Thanks! :-) #MontanaState 1 day
  9. Showing some love to @montanastate @MTStateAlumni ! #gocats #montanastate #Bobcats 1 day
  10. 2 weeks plus finals.... Thank God college is almost over! #montanastate #college 1 day
  11. I heard a girl just complain to her friend "I'm bored." Pretty sure that's the end of that friendship. #CrunchTime #MontanaState 1 day
  12. @msumenslax Congratulations on your win! #MontanaState 1 day

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