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Office of Student Success

177 Strand Union Building
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Bozeman MT 59717-4180

Tel: 406-994-7627
Fax: 406-994-5488

So you’ve survived your first year in college (and we hope you’ve thrived) and you’re a sophomore, congratulations! Even though you are now familiar with campus and have an idea of what to expect, this year will come with its own share of stresses and challenges. That’s why the Office of Student Success developed a program called 2YI, or 2nd Year Initiative, to help you navigate your second year at MSU.

2YI is a program for students (including transfer students) and families who have completed one year of college. 2YI assists students through one-on-one advising meetings, offer workshops, provide information on residence hall programs, and several other iconic campus events. We are located in the SUB 177 and are available till 7pm.

So how do you avoid the infamous “sophomore slump?”

  1. Your sophomore GPA is every bit as important as your freshman year GPA. Lower level courses are good opportunities to boost your GPA because courses will only get harder.
  2. Take choosing your major seriously. Although picking a major does not lock you into a specific career, it can help make you more competitive when applying for jobs.
  3. Speak to a Success Advisor: we want to see you succeed, and we’ll help you develop a plan to reach your goals. If you are still having trouble adjusting, we are here to help. Come to the Office of Student Success in room 177 in the SUB, or call us at (406)-994-ROAR (7627).
  4. Meet new people! Try a new extracurricular activity. Feeling connected will make your college experience that much more fun and valuable, and trying new things will keep things fresh and exciting. Take a look at the Student Activities website to see all of the student clubs and organizations on campus:
  5. Do an internship! Don’t wait till your senior year to start an internship. Get one going now!  Find an internship through Career & Internship Services online at
  6. Study abroad or consider NSE (National Student Exchange).
  7. Balance academic work with fun with friends.
  8. ChampChange is now available for sophomores, so make some change!  Check it out here: