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Here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Form a team with 3 of your fellow freshmen to compete in the FYI Challenge.
  2. After you have entered your team, be sure to like the MSU FYI Facebook page.
  3. Click here to download your task list.
  4. Complete at least 3 tasks in each round to win an exclusive MSU T-shirt and to be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a MOONLIGHT BASIN LIFT TICKET.
  5. At each task, you MUST take a picture to “prove” you completed the task. Be creative, prizes will be awarded for “best picture”!
  6. To demonstrate completion of a task, upload a picture for each task to the appropriate album on the MSU FYI Facebook page.   We’ll review the picture to verify you accomplished the task.
  7. If you complete ALL tasks in each round (that’s 15 tasks!), you’ll be entered to win a MOONLIGHT BASIN SEASON PASS at the Epic ChampChange Auction in  December.


Prizes Donated By:



  1. You MUST be a new freshman to participate.
  2. You MUST take pictures of all tasks you complete.
  3. You MUST like the FYI Facebook page and upload your photos to that page.
  4. You MUST have fun!