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What to Know About Your CatCard

Your CatCard is used for a variety of things on campus. You can use it to do laundry in the dorms, access the dining halls on campus, get into the gym, and print from anywhere on campus. It is also needed to purchase tickets and attend sporting events that MSU holds on campus. Your CatCard is very important!

TIP: Your CatCard is automatically loaded with $7.50 designated for prnting at the beginning of each semester.

In order to do laundry, purchase meals from various places like the SUB, and charge other items onto your CatCard, you must have a balance on your card. In order to deposit money on your CatCard, you can call the CatCard Office, stop by in the SUB room 134 or go online

The "Deposit Money to Your CatCard" box is what you will click if you need to deposit money or check your CatCard balance.

If you ever lose your CatCard, you need to report that it has been lost/stolen right away. Otherwise, if someone else finds it they can charge things with the money you have on it and even gain access to places they are not supposed to be, which can be dangerous.

The "Participating Locations" box lists all of the places that accept the CatCard as a form of payment or as a means to gain access.

TIP: All of the participating locations will be on campus. The only time your CatCard will be accepted elsewhere is when and if a location offers discounts to those who have CatCards.