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How to Use HireABobcat

How to Register

Go to and click on "First time users click here to register!"

Enter all of the required information, and review the Missed Interview and Late Cancellation policy. You must select Yes in the 'Late Cancellation Policy' drop down menu. Then click the "register" button at the top or the bottom of the page.

Note: After you have submitted your information Career, Internship & Student Employment Services will make your active as soon as possible. It might be necessary to login again after a couple of minutes.

How to Search for Jobs and Opportunities

Hover over Jobs & Opportunities and then click on Job Search

All active jobs will show up. To narrow your search, for example to look for Student Employment positions (local, part-time opportunities with flexible hours), click on the arrow in the “Position Type” box and select “Student Employment/Part-time”, click “Close” and “Search”.

To search by more specific criteria, i.e.) searching jobs that are specifically targeting your major, Click “Advanced Search” and choose any criteria you wish, but remember it will narrow down the amount of employment opportunities to view.

To see the job and all the details associated with it, click on the Job Title or Job Number.

Note: Be careful of getting too specific in the search categories. If you aren’t getting the number of results you think you should be, put in fewer criteria, especially under “Classification”, “Job Location” and “Wage/Salary”.

Found something that fits? Here's how to apply

Every organization has different application instructions. After opening the job details, scroll down to “Application Instructions” and CAREFULLY follow all the instructions there. Please be sure to check instructions on each job. Some organizations will request you apply on, others will request you apply directly through their web page or email.

Note: You may also use to upload your resume, cover letters, unofficial transcripts, sign up for on-campus interviewing, view employers coming to the Career Fairs and find out about professional development opportunities. To receive the full instructional packet, please stop by our office at 177 Strand Union Building.