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Education, the World of Work, and You

US 291 is a great resource for sophomore students who have not yet narrowed down their major or career plans. The class begins with a thoughtful discussion on the value of education while shaping the future of individuals and societies. Next, students will "roll up their sleeves" by applying "the perspective of education" to changes in the global economy, national employment trends, and individualized career planning. In addition to being exposed to timely and relevant topics, students will receive personalized academic advising, career coaching and professional development training (including complementary admission to the Etiquette Dinner). Students will write several papers, develop a resume, and make a class presentation. The course is sponsored by the Provost's Office, University Studies, and Career, Internship & Student Employment Services. To register, look for the course during your next registration cycle.

For more information, contact the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success.