There are so many clubs and groups on campus that one may find themselves disoriented. Here we have listed a majority of the clubs on campus that stress sustainability.


Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations (NECO)  

NECO, the Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations, is a student driven grassroots organization at Montana State University dedicated to connecting resources between MSU and the greater Montana community, emphasizing environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Club Email:

President:Katie Noland 

Advisor: Edward Hook 994-7840

Department Affiliation:Facilities Services

Meetings:Alumni Lounge, Tuesdays at 6pm

The Network of Environmentally Conscious Organizations, NECO, is the environmental club on campus. This club focuses on multiple facets of sustainability, on and off campus. Activities involving hands on volunteer work, and supporting events such as Earth Day and Bike to School Week, create an extremely inviting setting to old and new MSU students alike. Through various forms of preparation, the club’s goal is to educate other students that actions in the right direction can be made. For example, NECO eliminated the use of a majority of the Styrofoam used on campus, which was fantastic. They also assisted the Office of Sustainability and Facilities with implementing Water Bottle Refill Stations around campus in order to promote reusable bottles in lieu of plastic. As MSU becomes more sustainability oriented, the more NECO does to help, such as putting Solar Panels on the SUB roof. Creative displays, tabling on campus, and just riding one’s bike to school are some ways that NECO promotes sustainability all over Bozeman. Many of the members involved in NECO have varying backgrounds and views, yet come together to better our campus environment as a whole. Whether one is interested in food, transportation, legislation, purchasing, recycling, or any other aspects related to sustainability or environmentalism, NECO can guide them in the right direction.  



The US Green Building Council Student Chapter at MSU (USGBC @ MSU) seeks to provide professional development opportunities, including networking, training and experience, for students interested in green building practices such as LEED.

Advisor: Dan Stevenson 994-5470

Department Affiliation: Facilities

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at noon in the SUB

Two students, Blake Bjornson (Engineering) and Agnes Pohl (Architecture) started the first student chapter of the US Green Building Council at MSU. The beginning of this chapter of USGBC-MSU is not only to create a more sustainable MSU, but to achieve professional development and networking opportunities for students and faculty in various majors and departments. The group had multiple “brown bag Lunch Series” over the course of the year, which were geared towards architects, engineers, and professionals with LEED. During such meetings, projects are discussed in depth in order to meet USGBC standards for LEED Certification. A crash course to taking the LEED Green Associate (GA) exam was also offered to members of the club. Montana USGBC held their annual summit in Big Sky this past winter, with special guest speaker Governor Steve Bullock. USGBC-MSU worked closely with Facilities to identify projects and buildings that could be achievable goals. The overall goals of the group are to reduce energy usage, streamline operations and create LEED existing buildings. As USGBC-MSU ages, it will be an outlet for those in majors that are interested in new sustainable forms of engineering and architecture, and allow them to implement it right here at their very own university. 


1000 New Gardens works to help people in the community start vegetable gardens who otherwise would not be capable of doing so. We do this by collecting and composting coffee grinds from the SOLA, NOVA, Wild Joe, and Zocalo coffee shops, and by building raised beds and delivering compost to the various garden sites around the city. We also offer help with gardening information and seed distribution, and would like to extend into creating more urban gardens.


Department Affiliation:Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems

Meetings:Wildfire Collective, Sundays at 5:00 PM



The Wilderness Association at MSU seeks to connect outdoors-minded students with each other, and engage in measures to steward Montana's wilderness. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, advocate for Montana's wilderness, or want to become either of these personalities, come and join us!


President:Faith Doty 406.589.5217

Advisor:Al Parker 406-994-5145

Membership Requirements:Just a willingness to engage!


Hyalite Res.  

Friends of Hyalite at MSU

We are a MSU based club supporting the efforts of Friends of Hyalite, a local organization devoted to raising awareness about Hyalite Canyon and keeping it clean for Bozeman to enjoy! Our purpose is to promote and raise awareness for the group Friends of Hyalite as well as generate ideas to keep Hyalite clean for the students of MSU and the Bozeman community. Also we work to make sure that the gate up to Hyalite canyon stays open during winter.

Meetings:Every other Wednesday at 6:30 or as needed.

Membership Requirements:Must participate in at least one club activity i.e. a clean-up or fundraiser.


Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems Collaborative(Friends of Local Foods)

Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy System Collaborate (formally Friends of Local Foods) is a student group at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. We promote awareness of local food issues on the campus and in the Bozeman community. 
Our goals in promoting awareness of local foods include:

Engaging MSU students in local food issues

Bridging the MSU campus with the Bozeman community

Increase access to local foods on campus and in the community

Build a greater local food advocacy community

Department Affiliation:Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems

Meetings:Thursday's 5:15-6pm at Sola Café off Kagy Street


Mountain Bike Club at MSU

To bring the mountain bike community on campus together, ride, and have a ton of fun.