Department of Land Resources & Environmental Sciences                                                    The LRES Department brings together multiple disciplines to achieve an integrated approach to understanding land  resources and the myriad processes that occur in natural and managed landscapes.

Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems Degree Program
The Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems (SFBS) interdisciplinary degree program promotes sustainable  production, distribution and consumption of food and bioenergy by growing a new generation of leaders through  collaborative learning and hands-on experience.

Liberal Studies – Environmental Studies Option
An option designed for students interested in developing a broad understanding of environmental issues from  scientific and public policy perspectives.

                                                                    Liberal Studies – Sustainability Minor                                                                      The new sustainability minor program at MSU will be available to all students through the Liberal Studies Department  as of Fall semester 2018. This program integrates the three pillars of sustainability, requiring students to take credits  from courses in social, economic, and environmental sustainability as well as classes on the history and contemporary  issues of sustainability.

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