Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC)

Former president Geoff Gamble created the Campus Sustainability Advisory Council (CSAC) to guide the university in meeting and exceeding the requirements of the University Presidents Climate Commitment while positioning Montana State University as a true leader in energy and resource management, research, education and outreach. The committee is comprised of faculty, students, administration, and community members and meets regularly throughout the year. A complete list of members and additional information about the council can be found on the Office of Planning and Analysis website

Major greenhouse gas sources: 30% transportation, 27% steam production, 21% purchased electricity, 11% solid waste, 7% on-campus stationary, 4% other

Major greenhouse gas source for MSU (2016)


Climate Action Plan (Greenhouse Gas Report) 

Montana State University developed its first Climate Action Plan (CAP) in 2009 as part of its commitment to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). As a signatory to the ACUPCC, MSU has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from campus operations, and ultimately achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. In its Climate Action Plan, MSU assesses its GHG emissions and introduces strategies for reducing these emissions. The goals and strategies put forth in the CAP have also provided guidance for the integration of sustainability into campus operations and strategic plans across campus. The most recent version of the climate action plan can be found at this Climate Action Plan PDF


Transportation Master Plan

MSU’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) was completed in March of 2017 and acts as a strategic guide for improving transportation solutions around campus and in the greater community for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The goal of the TMP is to improve access to the community while maintaining the quality of the campus environment and minimizing the financial risk to MSU. The TMP was prepared by Robert Peccia and Associates in association with Alta Planning and Design, the Western Transportation Institute, and Montana State University. More information on the MSU Transportation Master Plan can be found at this MSU Transportation Master Plan PDF


Bicycle Task Force

Our Bicycle Task Force is aiming to increase biking to and from campus. The Bicycle Task Force is a group of MSU faculty, staff, and students committed to promoting and improving bike-ability on campus. This Task Force was created after two alumnus saw how the biking at MSU could improve, and made a donation to do just that. The $30,000.00 donation is to be put towards improving programs and facilities for cyclists and many new projects are underway as a result. Task force meetings are open to the public, email us for more information on when and where they will be held. 


Bicycle Master Plan

The vision of the MSU Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) is to create a campus environment where bicycling is a safe, convenient and comfortable transportation option for students, faculty, staff and visitors. It aims to make the University a leader in setting policy, developing programs, encouraging respectful riding and improving infrastructure to encourage bicycling to, from, and within the MSU campus. The BMP was completed in 2017 and was prepared by Alta Planning and Design in association with the MSU Bicycle Task Force. More information on the BMP can be found at this Bicycle Master Plan PDF.