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Most MSU Office of Sustainability Recycling locations are serviced on a weekly basis, as indicated below. The schedule changes each semester to accommodate employee class schedules and summer service is limited to once every 2 weeks. All schedules are subject to change without notice and collections may be suspended entirely during shorter school breaks. Contact x6871 with any questions.

Summer 2014

Over the summer of 2014 The Office of Sustainability will have two student workers that will be recycling over the summer. The beginning of the summer there might be some over flow from training of new employees. The recycling coordinator Logun Norris will be keeping close contact with the employees and will be in the office on his days off. If you have any suggestions for any bin placements or recycling in your building/office please email Logun. Logun's contact information is located in the left column of the screen. If your office is in need of a special pick up, please feel free to call our office at extension x6873 and leave a message. 

NOTE: If you have a large volume of paper to recycle at once (office clean-out, etc.) please take it to one of the outdoor office paper dumpsters (near most buildings - see map) or contact the Office of Sustainability to arrange a special pick-up. This helps avoid overflowing the recycling stations and creating extra burden on our student employees.

Summer 2014 Schedule (effective May 12, 2014)


    • Once a Week:Wilson, Health Services, Sub, Montana Hall, Cooley/Lewis, VCB, Daycare, Alumni Association, Fieldhouse, Museum of the Rockies, Hannon Dining Cans, and Harrison Dining Cans
    • Every Other Week: Sub Bus Stop, Gaines, Renne, ITC, AJM Johnson, Hamilton, Herrick Hall, Culbertson, Human Recourse, Bio Molecular Labs, Chemistry, Plant Bio Science Building, Taylor Hall, McCall Hall, Cheever, Howard, Plew, EPS, Cobleigh, Roberts, Hoseaus, Athletics Mail Room, Academic Center, Reid, and Campus Police
    • Every Three Weeks: Sherrick, Traphagen, Romney, Linfield, Leon Lecture Hall, Leon Johnson, Haynes, Outdoor Rec Center, Haynes Pavilion, Tennis Center, Marsh Labs, Library Soft Cover Books, Miller Dining Newspaper, Johnston Lobby Newspaper, and Hannon Lobby Newspaper

Updated July 2, 2014