Let the Office of Sustainability be your commuting guru!

The choices we make every day around transportation have a tremendous impact on sustainability. In 2014 the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that 26% of total US greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation. Locally, driving alone to campus adds traffic congestion, infrastructure costs, and pollution. At the Office, we are striving to increase convenience and incentives for commuters that included sustainability in their transportation decisions. This not only improves campus transportation overall, but also achieves our goals for MSU's Climate Action Plan. Whether you are a student, an employee, or a visitor to MSU, you have choices about how you get to campus. 

The Bozeman Commuter Project atWestern Transportation Institute is a partnership between MSU and the City of Bozeman that supports the Office’s efforts to make transportation at MSU more sustainable. Make  bozemancommute.org, your hub for exploring transportation options, connecting with carpool partners, and tracking how much money you can save, CO2 you can divert and calories you can burn by walking, biking, taking the bus, and carpooling to campus.

Check out the different types of transportation available: 



Low emission vehicles may be eligible for discounted parking passes. Visit MSU Parking Services to learn more.

A snapshot of MSU employees current transportation choices:

Western Transportation Institute surveyed 1800 people at 5 large employers around Bozeman (including 341 MSU employees) to understand how people get to and from work and what they think about bus, walk, bike and carpool options. Here’s what they found at MSU!

  • 62% of MSU students live within ¼ mile of a Streamline Bus stop.
  • 40% of MSU employees live within ¼ mile of a Streamline Bus stop
  • 45% live within a 2-mile bike ride to campus
  • 18% share a ride to campus with another person half the time or more often

More information from the survey can be found in the MSU Key Findings Report.