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Instructional Innovation Grant Winners

Instructional Innovation Grant Winners: 2009-2010

Title: Political and Ethical Socialization and Academic Values: An Exploratory Study of Montana State University Students

Faculty: Sara Rushing and David Parker, Dept. of Political Science

Rushing and Parker Grant Report

Title: Studying Best Practices for Grading Incentive of In-Class Clicker Questions

Faculty: Shannon Willoughby, Dept. of Physics

Willoughby Grant Report

Title: Extending Library Instruction into the Virtual World

Faculty: Sheila Bonnand and Mary Anne Hansen, MSU Libraries

Bonnand-Hansen Grant Report

Instructional Innovation Grant Winners: 2007-2008

Title: The Creation of a Uniform Curriculum for MLS 470: Supervised Teaching Practicum in the Public School System K-5

Faculty: Bridget Kevane and Sally Sanchez, Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures

Kevane and Sanchez Grant Report

Title: Enhancing Undergraduate Empirical Research in Economics

Faculty: Christiana Stoddard and Wendy Stock, Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Economics

Stoddard and Stock Grant Report

Title: Simulating the Night Sky to Teach Apparent Nightly and Seasonal Celestial Motion

Faculty: Shannon Willoughby, Dept. of Physics

Willoughby Grant Report

Past Innovation Grant Winners