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Design and Facilitation of Blended Courses - Resources

This page is your resource for links, papers, and other information about designing and facilitating blended courses. Note that in some cases, authors use teh term "hybrid" in place of "blended".

  • Books and Articles discussed in the November 2013 Workshop

    Caulfield, Jay, (2011). How to design and teach a hybrid course: Achieving Student-Centered Learning through Blended Classroom, Online and Experiential Activities. Sterling: VA, Stylus Publishing.
    (The description of the continuous learning cycle, rhythm of hybrid assignments, and “what the best hybrid teachers say and do” come from this book).
    The following articles are all available online via the MSU libraries:

    Chandler, T.; Park, Y.; Levin, K.; & Morse, S. (2013). The incorporation of hands-on tasks in an online course: an analysis of a blended learning environment.
    Interactive Learning Environments, 21 (5), pp. 456-468.
    Garrison, D., & Kanuka, H. (2004). Blended learning: Uncovering its transformative potential in higher education.
    Internet and Higher Education, 7, pp. 95-105.
    Means, B., Toyama, Y., Murphy, R., & Baki, M. (2013). The effectiveness of online and blended learning: A meta-analysis of the empirical literature.
    Teachers College Record, 115 (3). Special Section, pp. 1 – 47.
    Yudko, E., Hirokawa, R., & Chi, R. (2006). Attitudes, beliefs, and attendance in a hybrid course.
    Computers & Education, 50 (2008), pp1217-1227