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Marilyn Lockhart

Director of Faculty Excellence
105 Montana Hall
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Anne Angermeyr

Program Coordinator
212 Montana Hall
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Teaching & Learning Committee Certificate of Teaching Enhancement


The Montana State University Teaching Excellence Action Committee offers a Certificate of Teaching Enhancement to full and part-time tenure track and non-tenure track faculty working at the University. The certificate provides evidence of the faculty member’s involvement in activities such as workshops, seminars, training sessions, tutorials, etc., that are oriented to the enhancement of teaching.  Faculty can earn the certificate after completing 12 (twelve) units of teaching enhancement activities and after submitting documentation of how they have incorporated what they learned into their classes.  See below for a description of how these units are awarded.  The certificates can be included in annual review and promotion and tenure materials as well as in applications for teaching awards.


To receive credit for Teaching & Learning sponsored activities, interested faculty should sign the Record of Attendance that will be distributed at these events. To receive credit for other activities, faculty should download and complete this form (Word format) and submit to Anne Angermeyr in the Office of the Provost (212 Montana Hall or  Forms should be submitted immediately after attendance rather than all at one time. After completing 12 (twelve) units, faculty should submit a three- to five-page description of how their teaching has improved as a result of attendance.  The Committee will track the number of units and award the Certificate after completion of the required units and documentation of how teaching has improved.

Unit Calculation Guidelines

  • Lunches/short workshops—Worth 1 (one) unit
  • Half-day activities—Worth 2 (two) units
  • Full-day activities—Worth 4 (four) units
  • Non-sponsored activities—A maximum of 6 (six) of the 12 required units may be earned by attending activities not sponsored by Teaching & Learning (held either at MSU or outside the university)
  • Technology workshops—A maximum of 6 (six) of the 12 required units may be earned by attending hands-on technology workshops, e.g., D2L, Clickers, or Camtasia
  • Recorded videos—A maximum of 3 (three) of the 12 required units may be earned by viewing videos of Teaching & Learning sponsored events that have been posted at the Teaching & Learning website event page
  • Teaching Online Program—Successful completion of Extended University’s Teaching Online Program (TOP) is worth 2 (two) units; click here for more details about this opportunity
  • Type of workshops—Only those workshops directly pertaining to teaching (as opposed to those associated with research, for example) may be used to earn units toward the Certificate of Teaching Enhancement

                                                                                                                                                                 Updated 7/2/13