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Information About I>Clicker

What is it?
Clickers, or Student response systems, allow faculty to collect real-time data from their students during lecture.  Students are polled using questions with up to five responses.  The response rates can be displayed immediately, and individual responses are stored for potential use in grading (in the form of participation points or points awarded based on correctness of the answers).  Although not a magic bullet, many faculty find that such systems increase their awareness of student progress, make students aware of their own areas of confusion, and increase the overall level of engagement in the classroom. 
See a more detailed description at Educause' "7 things you should know about... Clickers", at
MSU is using the i>clicker system on the Bozeman and Billings campuses. For a quick overview of how such a system has been used at MSU, see this news story.

General Information

- NEWS -

> iClicker Version 6.4 is now available (as of January 2014).
  If you are using version 6.2.2 or newer, the included updater will work.
  BUT - If you are using an older version, you'll need to go to the software download site and get the newest version.
> Can Students and Faculty still use the original A-E button iClickers? (since the bookstore now only sells the new iClicker2)
  YES! See the iClicker v.6 informational page for info about the two clicker styles...

> Do I need to change the base frequency if I see a message about another base nearby on the same frequency?
NO! You can use the same frequency as a neighboring room without losing any data.
You should have students check and make sure they are on frequency AA if you haven't changed it. See recent news below.


Getting Started...

1) Where can I find all of the key MSU links and resources for iClicker?
On the iClicker resources page, of course

2) What if I'm already familiar with iClickers at MSU and just need a quick reference guide?
Check out the one page QuickStart reference checklist guide. * It contains handy reminders such as the student registration web synch URL's.

3) How do I learn more about clickers at MSU, in general?
Start with the FAQ
to get a quick overview of clickers, what instructors and students need, and how we are using clickers at MSU.


What's all this about moving to iClicker version 6 ?
> We are there! See the v.6 informational page for more...

If students have to reset the frequency on their remote:
Normally this is not an issue, but if a student has purchased an iC2 remote from elsewhere and the frequency is not set to AA, see:

About iClicker Web Registration...

What do I need to know about the MSU iClicker Web Registration process?
MSU has a wonderful (and easy to use) system for getting students' clickers registered so that you can do a simple synchronization with your class roster. MSU maintains a database that matches student ID's to their iClicker ID's. Students are directed to supply the necessary information via a web registration page, which is at: Using the iClicker Web Synchronization function, the database then makes it easy for instructors to use clickers in class and automatically have clicker responses associated with the correct student ID.

  • Learn about the whole web registration process:
    You should check out the PDF on Using the MSU Online Registration System for iClickers.
    There is also a short video on the resources page (see step 3).
  • Where do students register their clickers?
    There is only ONE location that MSU students should register their clickers, and that is the MSU Web site:
    It takes less than a minute to complete, and must be done every semester.
  • Can I run the iGrader web synchronization from off campus?
    If you are not on campus you must be connected via a VPN (virtual private network) to the campus network to be able to run the iGrader Web Synchronization. The MSU help desk can help you get set up with a VPN if you need one, or you can do the web synch when you are in your campus classroom.

Where do I go for more information?

Click to email the ITC Service Desk
or call the ITC Help Desk at 994-1777.


Updated 8/18/14