Montana State University

Using I>CLICKER with both a Mac and Windows

For example, you are using the iClicker Win on a smart podium, and have a Mac in your office.
You'll need to create a combined course folder.

Here's what you should do:

Creating a combined course folder for Mac/PC
a) To create a combined course folder you should first start on the PC.  Set up your course completely, including Settings and Preferences, class roster file, etc. 
b) Place the entire folder on the flash drive.
c) Go to the Macintosh, and download the matching i>clicker software for Mac.
d) Insert the flash drive into the Macintosh and open the iclicker Win folder.
e) Copy just the i>clicker and i>grader application files from the Macintosh software folder to the iclicker Win folder.  You should put them in the same location as iclicker.exe and igrader.exe.

Your data is cross compatible.  So when viewing the software on a PC, run iclicker.exe and/or igrader.exe and ignore all of the Mac files.  When viewing the folder on a Mac, simply ignore the .exe files and launch the visible i>clicker and i>grader applications to work with the data on that system.

If this seems Greek to you, feel free to call the iClicker help desk and have them walk you through the steps. Here is the number to call: 866-209-5698


For more information, contact:
Ritchie Boyd 994-4660,