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About i>Clicker, version 6

About the MSU iClicker Upgrade                                                (Revised August 18, 2013)


There are three main components to these changes:

  1. MSU has discontinued support for version 5.5 of the iClicker and iGrader software, and is encouraging all instructors to download and use version 6.3 or newer.
  2. The bookstore will only be selling the new iClicker 2 (iC2’s) remotes – they will no longer sell (or buy back) the older remotes. However, both the old and new remotes will work for A-E polling - see details below.
  3. All older base stations around campus have been replaced with new firmware-enhanced stations (they look the same on the outside)

    The class rolls roster, clicker registration, and export grades to D2L processes are all the same as before!

(You can also review this page and go directly to the main iClicker Resources page)


About the new software:

  • Everyone should be using the latest version of the software.
  • Version 6 is similar to earlier versions, but contains a better user interface, and features that will allow us to take advantage of the alphanumeric features of the new remotes as they are phased in. (As the software is improved, you will see the newest release indicated by what's after the decimal point - as of this writing the newest release is version 6.3. You should download the newest version available on the iClicker site.)
  • The new software looks around for other nearby bases, but you can go ahead and use your base on the default frequency and not worry about stray clicker votes - any votes/points associated with them won't be exported.
  • The new version 6 software can be downloaded at:
    For more information about version 6, see

About the new "iC2" and older clicker remotes:

  • You don't need to upgrade your instructor remote!
    You don't need to tell students to upgrade their remotes (unless you plan to use the alphanumeric features)!
    Both old and new remotes will work with the new software and base stations
    The upgraded base stations and v6 software can handle A-E responses from all styles of iClickers.
  • Our goal is to slowly phase in the use of the advanced alphanumeric features supported by the new iC2 remotes and software, so that returning students don’t have to purchase the new remotes right away if they don't need to.
  • We encourage you to tell all new students to purchase the new style clickers starting now, and after a few years we’ll all be up to the new features. The bookstore is only selling the new style iC2's now. Students should be discouraged from buying older style remotes.
  • If you don’t have a need for alphanumeric polling, please don’t require students who may already have the original style clicker to buy the new iC2 style.
  • If you are interested in the new alphanumeric features supported by the iC2, please contact Ritchie Boyd for more MSU-specific information. General information about the new remotes can be found at: .

    For students who want to sell their old style iC1 remotes, some external options exist, such as via eBay.

About the new base stations

  • The new base stations will work with all old and new clickers, but are firmware updatable and will be able to take advantage of the enhanced features of the new software and remotes over time. We will be applying the firmware upgrades through the course of the semester, but if you need the update sooner, contact Ritchie Boyd.
  • The new bases have a firmware patch available, and the software may remind you of this, but you don't have to have the base firmware updated to use the new software. Just click through if a message appears.

Where do I go for more information?

Contact Ritchie Boyd ( or 994-4660) for more information or to arrange for a hands-on demonstration.