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Math and several other subjects at MSU require a specific math placement. MSU utilizes these standards to ensure students have the math skills necessary to succeed in their program of study.

The MPLEX is an adaptive test that responds to student answers to determine a student’s math placement. Students receive their MPLEX results immediately after finishing the exam. The MPLEX is untimed, and most students finish within 60 – 90 minutes. 

The MPLEX year-round for a fee of $15.00 to MSU students who sign up in advance of their desired test date. Incoming students will have an opportunity to take MPLEX as part of their orientation. For more information about orientation, please contact Admissions.

For further information about math placement and MPLEX guildelines, please contact the MSU Math Department[BROKEN LINK].

To find out more about MPLEX eligibility, consult with an academic adviser.

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