Testing with Accommodations

Schedule exams online through MSU Net ID Scheduling Portal

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Note: You will be asked for an Access Code; this is provided when you meet with your instructor and obtain permission to test with Testing Services

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If you cannot find your exam listed in the RegisterBlast scheduler, submit a new exam request here.

Procedures for using MSU Testing Services

Blue Form
Fillable pdf version of the Accommodated Testing Information form - The Blue Form

Student Reference Guide

FAQ's and other details regarding accommodated testing at MSU

Alternate Time/Make-Up Exams

Testing Services offers alternate time/make-up exams for MSU students who have missed (or need to miss) their regularly scheduled exams and have made arrangements with their instructors to make up the exams.

Cost:  $15 cash or check

To test at an alternate time in Testing Services, you must either recieve an access code from your instructor, to schedule online through RegisterBlast, OR turn in this completed and signed Make-up Exam Appointment Form to our office at 19 Renne Library.

Schedule an Alternate Time Test:  MSU Net ID Scheduling Portal

Proctoring for MSU Online Classes

Testing Services proctors exams for MSU online students who have made arrangements with their instructors.

Cost:  $10 cash or check

To have a test proctored in Testing Services for an online class, you must either recieve an access code from your instructor, to schedule online through RegisterBlast, OR visit our office at 19 Renne Library to schedule with us in person.

Schedule a Test for MSU Online Course:  MSU Net ID Scheduling Portal

Questions? Email or call us at (406) 994-6967

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