Date Event or Deadline

January 9, Wednesday

Classes begin at 8:00am.

January 15, Tuesday

Last day to add course using MyInfo.

January 21, Monday

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day- no classes; offices closed.
January 23, Wednesday
  • Last day to drop courses using "MyInfo".
  • Last day to add courses using Add/Drop form with instructor and advisor signatures.

January 30, Wednesday

  • Students who have not confirmed their bill will be dropped from classes.
  • Last day to drop courses using Add/Drop form without a grade.
  • Last day to request Health Insurance refund from Student Health Insurance Office.
  • No refunds for dropped classes after this date
Jan. 31- April 11

Dropped courses are graded "W". Students must submit Add/Drop for with instructor and advisor signatures.

February 18, Monday

President's Day; no classes, offices closed.

March 1, Friday
Last day to submit an Application for Baccalaureate Degree for Sprin 2019 Graduation.
March 11, Monday
Advising begins for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019
March 18-22
Spring Break; no classes, office open.
March 25, Monday Priority registration opens.
April 12- May 3
No drops allowed.
April 19, Friday
University Day; no classes, offices open.
April 29- May 3 Final Examinations
May 4, Saturday
Spring 2019 Commencement
May 13, Monday
Summer 2019 Begins
August 26, Monday
Fall 2019 Semester Begins