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Official Web Sites of Each State in This Region

Thank you for registering online with Troops to Teachers. Since you indicated a willingness to teach in any state in the United States, we at the Lewis and Clark Region would like to encourage you to teach in one of our great states Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or Wyoming. Below are the official state websites. These sites will give you a good idea of the wonderful and unique opportunities each state offers.

North Dakota
South Dakota

State Offices of Education

Idaho - State Department of Education
         - Teacher Certification or Email for Veteran Education information

Minnesota - Department of Education
          - Licensing

Montana - Office of Public Instruction
             - Veterans Education/State Approving Agency

North Dakota - Department of Public Instruction
                    - State Approving Agency

South Dakota - Department of Education
                     - State Approving Agency

Wisconsin - Department of Public Instruction
         - Educator Licensing

Wyoming - Professional Teaching Standards Board

Financial Assistance



All Education Schools - A directory of U.S. education programs

    (Teachers can purchase HUD homes at 50% discount)

Accredited ONLINE Schools & Colleges

Search Education Degree Programs by State


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