One of the benefits of being part of the TWS is being involved with the field days we get to have. Below are pictures from some of the field days we’ve had.

2012 Field Day

2010 Field Day
On this day, TWS went to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for a crash course on darting and animal capture.
Lauryn McDowell with Neil Anderson, Wildlife Lab Supervisor for FWP

Ashley Peery
Kim Shields with Kevin Hughes, Wildlife Lab Technician. Nice gun Kim!
Kevin Frey, Wildlife Management Specialist, explaining how a culvert trap works.
2009 Field Day
Today, TWS got to learn and to practice telemetry (finding radio collars using hand-held Adcock H-antenna and transceivers) with FWP biologist Julie Cunningham. Julie split us into groups and assigned each group three transmitters to find
Group 1: Sean, Andrew, and Brent
Group 2: Lauryn, Ashley, and Lindsey
Julie Cunningham showing everyone how to use the antenna and transceiver
Group 3: Christine and Elizabeth
Group 1: Success!!