Why should I join the student chapter of The Wildlife Society?

TWS is a great way to network with professionals, graduate students and peers in the
field of wildlife biology. Many volunteer positions, technician jobs, work-study jobs,
etc… are advertised directly to members of TWS. Gaining field experience as an
undergraduate is a real advantage when applying for jobs!

How do I join?

Simply come to one of our scheduled meetings or email us at tws@montana.edu for more
information or answers to questions you may have.

Do I have to attend all of the TWS meetings?

The more meetings you attend, the more you will benefit from your involvement with TWS.
Attendance at all meetings is not mandatory.

Do I have to be a member to attend presentations by guest speakers?

No. All are welcome to attend talks given by guest speakers we sponsor.

What does the student chapter of TWS do?

We hold meetings every other week. Most meetings consist of a guest speaker from the
profession. Many of our past speakers have been MSU faculty or graduate students,
state/federal government employees and/or professionals from the private sector. We
attend the annual Montana chapter of TWS meeting each year. We are in the process of
increasing our volunteer presence in the wildlife community by working with organizations
such as Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Montana Raptor
Conservation Center, etc…We also have a meeting each year that gives direction in
building a resume specifically for wildlife jobs. This is useful not only for those
graduating; but also for those in the process of applying for summer jobs!

How much are dues?

Dues are $5 per semester or $7 per academic year.