Courses Steve Custer Teaches                                 Office Hours

Earth Sciences 301    Earth Science Writing
Earth Sciences 432    Surface Water Resources
Earth Sciences 440    Ground-Water Resources
Earth Sciences 442    Hydrologic Modeling
Earth Sciences 450    Snow Dynamics and Accumulation
Earth Sciences 500    Hydrology Seminar (Section 15)
Earth Sciences 551    Snow Science Seminar
Geology          400     Seminar on Hydrothermal System in Yellowstone National Park
Geology          583    Applied Geological Hydrology
Special Lecture on     Controlled Groundwater Areas in Montana

Courses Currently Taught in the MSSE Program:

I also teach the following courses in the Master of Science in Science Educationprogram.
With the exception of 516 all these courses are taught by distance learning via asynchronous communication system called WebCT
Earth Sciences 512     Mountains and Plains Riparian Processes
Earth Sciences 516     Northern Rocky Mountain Landscapess
Earth Sciences 517     Electronic Hydrology
Eartj Sciences 519      Hydrology of Streams and Lakes