Spatial Data for Septic Assessment

Local Water Quality District (1999), Gallatin County, Montana

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Steve Custer, William Christner, Stewart Dixon, Andrea Wright,
Gretchen Burton, Robert Snyder, Richard Aspinall, Gretchen Rupp, Tim Roark
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The Local Water Quality District in Gallatin County, Montana  recognized that there is no readily accessible and comprehensive database for septic system review.  In response to this need,  several comprehensive spatial data bases were developed.  These data bases should be useful from a variety of perspectives.

The mapping applications outlined below are intended for analysis of areas (10-20 acres) NOT SITES.  The hyper links will take you to static map images. Those interested in ArcView Coverages may request them from Steve Custer, Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-3480; 406 994 3331, 406 586 3887, or (directly at)


Funds for this work were provided by an EPA 319 program grant through the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to the Montana Water Resources Research Center with assistance from.


   Where is Gallatin County, Montana?
   Where is the 1997 Local Water Quality District Boundary?
         Note: the boundary has expanded since 1997
   Show me the elevations and shaded relief in Gallatin County

Animation of Growth in the LWQD (1860-1997)


   Most Abundant Soils in Map Units in Gallatin County
   Most Limiting Soil Properties for Septic System Installation/Operation

Ground Water

    Geologic Map and Hydrogeologic Character of the LWQD
    Stratigraphic Column for the Area
    Elevation and Gradient Water Table
    Well Water Level Less Than 3 m (10 ft)


    Introduction To Located Wells
    Well and Well Water Characteristics
    Public/Community Water (DOR;DEQ)
    Water Utility (DOR)

Septic Systems

      Introduction to Septic Systems
      Located Septic Systems With Permit Number
      Private/Public/Community Sewer Systems

Wells and Septic Systems

      Introduction to Wells and Septic Systems
      Date of Installation of Wells and Septic Systems
      Utilities (water, sewer, gas) (DOR)


    Mean Annual Precipitation for the LWQD (1961-90)

Flood Plain (Added 10 May 2018)

      Flood Plain Map

Interactive Maps (Added 10 May 2018)

The Gallatin City-County Health Department has partnered with the Gallatin County GIS Department to create an interactive map of several data sets.
This interactive map is at
Before using this map you should view the Gallatin County GIS Department's Interactive Map Tutorial at .
There is additional other information also available at this site. 

Information about Drinking Water, Wastewater, Wells

Septic Systems and Waste-Water Treatment

              The Care and Feeding of Your Septic System
              Water and Sewer Districts
              U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Information

Ground Water  

     Well Drilling
     Well Maintenance    

              Well  Caps Are Important 
              Maintenance Tips
              Domestic Well Disinfection Procedure
              After a Wildfire

     Water Testing
             Bacterial Contamination
             Water Sampling for Coliform Bacteria