Located Septic Systems with Permit Numbers

Author, Steve Custer
(Last modified 16 June 2000; 02 January 2010)

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Example Questions the Database Can Answer

1.  Where are the septic systems based on found county septic permit data?
2.  When was the septic system approved or inspected?
3.  Was the year inspected the same as the year approved? This map shows locations for septic permits recorded in the Gallatin County Department of Environmental Health which could be located on the 1995 Gallatin County Road Book.  Not all systems could be found.  To be found the address or subdivision, block and lot identification had to be able to be found in the road book.  If the permit location could not be visually linked to a structure or lot in the road book the data for that permit was not entered.  There are two themes:
    1.  Septic Permit:  This theme shows the location of  the septic permits that could be found on the map.
    2.  Year Permit Issued:  This theme shows the year the permit that was found was issued.  (The year issued and the year inspected are not always the same.)

Other information is available in the attribute table for this theme.  The meaning of the attribute names attributes are summarized in the html table in the section About the Data below.


Septic Permit  --  A permit issued for a septic system by the Gallatin County Department of Environmental Health.
Found Permit  --  A permit whose location could be identified on the Gallatin County Road Book based on address or subdivision, lot or block.  A permit that could not be identified (found) in the road book as a structure or lot was not digitized and is not found.
Date Issued -- The date Gallatin County Records show the septic permit was issued.
Date Inspected -- The date the Gallatin County Records show the septic permit was inspected.

About the Data

Sepfnl.shp Metadata
This theme records septic permit numbers and locations which could be identified on the county road book based on street address or subdivision, block, and information.  There are two pieces of information that are important.  The first is the septic number and the second is the date the septic permit was issued.  Most of this information has been carried forward to the Geocode theme.  This theme differs in two important ways.  In the septic theme if more than one septic permit is listed at a  single address, a unique point was spawned for each permit at that location.  This insures that each permit has a unique location.   The unique points are 10 m from the original duplicate point location.  The first point was spawned to the east, the second to the south, the third to the west the fourth to the north, and the fifth (if present) to the north east.  This insures that each septic system has a distinct location so that  each located septic number can be found. This theme is useful if the user is interested in identifying a septic permit at a unique location.  This theme differs from the septic them in the geocode or well/septic theme where points were not spawned.  There are many attributes for each point.  Most relate to location in some way or another.  The attributes and the meanings of the attribute names in the attribute table for septic permits are listed in the attached html table.  Only permits in the LWQD have been located.  The theme is in UTM meters NAD83.  Data was entered by coordinating the section corners in the county Road Book with section corners on the public land survey theme (plss) and points located were digitized by hand.