ESCI 301
Earth Science Writing
TR 10:00-10:50
Traphagen 204
Autumn Semester 2007
Instructor:  Steve Custer
Instructor Office Hours
Instructor Office: 118 Traphagen Hall
e-mail:; Phone: 994-6906
TA:  Tara Chesley
TA office:  114 Traphagen Hall
TA email:  (Please indicate ESCI 301 as part of subject line)
TA Office Hours

Course Schedule ESCI 301 Earth Science Writing
Mon Date Day Topic Assignment
Aug 28 T  Course Rationale, Course Goals, Course Assignment, and Grading  Criteria Read Hotlinked material 
STEVE:  Assign Papers to discuss R to specific students.
Aug  30 R Topic Discovery  Read Topic Discovery.
Typed topic area + Name.

Sep 04 T Acceptable References   Typed  topic + name
Read Acceptable References
 Sep 06 R Library Seminar I-LC SuDoc GeoRef   In 204 Traphagen (Class is too big to use Room 15)
Typed Revised Topic + Name 

Sep 11 T Library Work Time--
Searching/Finding I
For our next meeting do the 

Materials location Exercise from Previous Meeting + Name to instructor who will be east of QE's on Third floor in Library.
Exercise 1 for Tuesday
Sep  13 R Library Seminar II -- Relevant Sources, Diagraming Citations; Go to Traphagen 204 (Room 15 is too small for this class) References Cited Format Resource Exercise Worksheet turn in with your name on it.
Exercise 2 for Thursday

Sep 18 T Library Work --Searchng/Finding/Reading  II Assignment given at last meeting for this meeting; Reference List
Sep  20 R Library Seminar III -- Web of Science
Traphagen 204 (Room 15 is too small for the class). 
Name on typed paper with five references in correct format. Bold good citation search source for web of Science.

 Sep 25 T Review References Cited Format Summary of Journal Article and use in your paper + name.
Sep 27 R  Crafting a Position Statement Revised Position Statement 

Oct 02 T Library work -- Finding, Reading III
Near Final References Cited
  04 R Audience; Discuss Positions Final References Cited is due.
Discuss Positions. Remember Lamb et al. (2007) is a good source for format as are the GSA Guidelines.

Oct 9
T Figures and Tables Turn in Final Position statement 
  11 R Outlines (alternate Instructor) Custer at AWRA in Lewistown
A typed first outline + name

 Oct 16 T Part I: Credit for Ideas. You should be writing.
Review Lamb et al.  (2007) for credit for ideas.
  18 R Your First Draft Is Due. Discuss Problems  First Draft Due at 5:00

References Cited Format

Oct  23 T  Part I: Paragraphs and Transition Sentences;  Bring three paragraphs + Name
  25 R Return Papers. Discuss Paper Problems
Steve:  Assign mechanics topics (Pass out pages)
 Discuss writing problems. Be prepared to discuss your asssigned mechanics issue (Bates et al. 2004)

Oct 30 T  Rewrite;  Discuss problems with papers,
 Students discuss mechanics
Bates et al., 2004.  
 Nov 01 R Data, support, evidenceand writing to figures and tables.


Nov 06 T
Turn in Professor Review Draft: Tara's mailbox 114 Trap by 5:00
  08 R Reading time for Goppen and Swan Next Tuesday

 Nov 13 T Part I; Clarity: Part II "it".
Gopen and Swan (1990), 
 Sylvester and Costa (1993)
  15 R Instructor returns Professor Review (Discuss Problems)

Nov 20 T Document Compare (How to show instructor your progress)
  22 R Thanksgiving Holiday  

Nov 27
T Rewriting Your Professor Review Draft
and Peer review.
Bring your professor draft with document compare marks to show you are working on rewriting and bring a copy of your paper to share with a colleague. 
R Your Final Paper due today by 5:00 PM  in the box outside instructor's office. Assignment Final Paper due at 5:00 outside instructor's office.

 Dec 04 T No Class
  06 R Papers Returned; Course Evaluation.

Please turn off your cell phone when you come to class.


There are additional  Readings.    These are on  Electronic Reserve ).  Access to Electronic Reserve requires that you are registered for the course and know your Banner Number and Pin.  Remember if there are two pages of reserve-list readings you may have to click on forward to see all of the items on the list.  You are strongly urged to refer to  Lamb et al. (2007) for your files so when you are in crisis regarding formating you have a resource to refer to.

Course Grade

    20% Weekly assignments and attendance per syllabus.
    10% First draft
    30% Professor review paper
    40% Final paper


Grading Criteria for Paper


Late Papers:

Because of grading problems created by late papers, there is a  10% penalty for each day late including holidays and week ends.


The penalty for academic dishonesty is failure on the piece of work.  Repeated offences may result in failure in the course.

Students with Disabilities:

If you have a documented disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation(s), you are encouraged to contact your instructor and Disabled Student Services as soon as possible.

References Cited

Note:  To use electronic reserves you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.   If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can obtain it free of charge by clicking on the words Adobe Acrobat.

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