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7:30-8:45 Tuesday and Thursday in Traphagen 204

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Prerequisites: Jr.  Standing; CS 150 or equivalent; Math 170 or 182; Chem 132; Phys 205;ESCI 111 and 112
Required Book: Schwartz, F.W., and Zhang, H., Fundamentals of Ground Water: John Wiley, New York, New York,  583 p.
Programs from book: Program Web Source from the publishers of your text book
Optional Book: Glover, T.J., 2000, Pocket Ref (second edition): Sequoia Publishing, Littleton, CO, 542 p; also see front book cover. 
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Schedule of Problems for the Course

Course Schedule ESCI 440 Groundwater Resources
Mon Date Day Topic Reading
31 T  Introduction
Wells (Drilling)
Syllabus  153-167
R Wells (Construction)

(September 6 = Labor day)

Sept 7
T Head 44-49; 61-65; Goodrich, 1992
R Q=-KAdh/dl    K, k, T=Kb, Kx and Kv 49-65; 71-73

Sept 14
T n, S, Ss Darcy and Seepage Velocity 42-44; 46; 73-77
Sept 16 R Aquifer, Aquitard, Confined, Unconfined
Flow Nets & Refraction
 69-70; 57-59

Sept 21
T Flow Systems;  183-209  Haitjema, 2005 may help.
TopoDrive; Instructions I and II;
Sept 23 R Subsidence  
Kreitler, 1977; Bouwer, 1977;
Supplemental  USGS Circular 1182

Sept 28
T Alluvial Aquifers 77-84; Rosenshein, 1988 may help
R Alluvial Aquifers 77-84; Rosenshein, 1988 may help

Oct 5
T Glacial Aquifers 84-86; Hendry, 1981
7 R Clastic Sedimentary Rock 86-90; Huntoon and Lundy

AWRA 13-15 October
Oct 12 T Folds, and Faults Aram p.294-299;Caine et al, 1996
Oct 14 R  Review Subdivision Problem With Class  (Specific Capacity)


ISSW 18-21 October

Oct 19
T Alternate Assignment (AWRA is in Big Sky)  ISSW in California  
Oct 21 R Examination through Alluvial Aquifers


Oct 26 T Carbonate Sedimentary Rock  90-94
Aram p.294-299; Hill, 1990
t 28
R Lineaments/Fractures


Nov 2
T States of Flow; Continuity
94-106; 146-150
 Nov 4 R Crystalline Rocks; Whitehead and Covington; Davis and DeWiest.

 Nov 9
T Continuity 107-115
 Nov 11 R Veterans Day Holiday

Nov 16 T Theis Aquifer Test 219-227 (see programs)
Nov 18
R Cooper-Jacob Aquifer Test 227-237 (see programs)

Nov 23
T Aquifer Test Complications 115-128; 240-255; 258-270;
292-307; 310-335 (see programs)
Nov 25 R Thanksgiving Holiday


Nov 30
T Point Tests 273-288
Dec 2
R Chemical Parameters/Standards Drinking Water: WQB7;  369-381
EPA Safe Drinking Water
Livestock stds:  1,  2,   3 References

 Dec 7
T Chemical Presentation 381-396; Harvey and Sibray, 2001
 Dec 9
R Rock-Water interaction 411-441 Chapter 21

Dec 15 W
Final Examination 12:00-13:50 204 Traphagen

Examination 1 30
Examination 2
Cross Section Project
Subdivision Analysis Project

Disagreements regarding grading:
If, after looking at the key, you believe any written product has been miss scored, you may submit your test and a brief written defense of why you believe your work has been miss marked.

Late Papers:  Because of grading problems created by late papers and the issue of fairness to students who turn papers in on time, there is a  10% penalty for each day late including holidays and week ends.

Plagiarism:  The penalty for academic dishonesty is failure on the piece of work.  Repeated offences may result in failure in the course.

Absences:  Attendance is not taken in class, but you are responsible for lecture and text material.  Class notes should be obtained from a fellow student if a lecture is missed.  The professor does not copy notes, please get the notes from someone who attended class so you have a record of what was actually covered.  If you are ill or have a family emergency and will miss an examination if at all possible, please call the instructor BEFORE the absence so arrangements can be made to make up the test.  At least leave voice mail at 994 6906 or e-mail at stating what has happened.

Please Turn off your cell phone when you come to class.

Students with Disabilities:

If you have a documented disability for which you are or may be requesting an accommodation(s), you are encouraged to contact your instructor and Disabled Student Services as soon as possible.