Syllabus (revised post course August 2 2004)

Summer 2004



Steve Custer
Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-3480
PH: 406 994 6906
Fax: 406 994 6923

Day Date Mon Topic  Reading/Problem

Mon 21 Jn U 01 - Welcome  Starting WebCT;   Common WebCT Questions;     Read me Last;
Review course framework in U01 - Welcome.
Wed 23 Jn U 02 -  What are Wetlands 
and Riparian areas?
Chapter 2, pages 1-5

Mon 28 Jn U 03 - Wetland Ground Water Chapter 2, pages 5-11
Wed 30 Jn U 04 - Wetland Identification Chapter 2, pages 11-14

Tu 06 Jl U 05 -  Quiz through wetland identification Take 512 Quiz 1 during this period.  (Monday is a Holiday, Quiz will be open  Tuesday and Wednesday for flexibilty).
Wed 07 Jl U 06 -  Wetland Function
Chapter 2, pages 14-16

Mon 12 Jl U 07 - Field Work and Mapping Start lesson plan if time.
Wed 14 Jl U 08 - Field Work and Mapping Start lesson plan if time.

Mon 19 Jl U 09 - Horton overland flow;
saturated overland flow
Chapter 2, pages 16-20
Wed 21 Jl Mail Field Project Post Mark 17:00   or before
Wed 21 Jl U 10 - Erosion by Horton and partial-variable-area runoff. Chapter 3, pages 1-6
Begin Lesson Plan

Mon 26 Jl U11 - Buffer Strips Chapter 3, p. 6-8
Wed 28 Jl Turn in Lesson Plan as an attachment to a message attached to a discussion posting in the Lesson Plan Here Discussion.  Lesson plan should be turned in before noon Mountain Standard time to allow everyone time to read and comment.

U12a_Lesson Plan discussion.
Wed 28 Jl U12 - Review Lesson Plans Look at your colleagues lesson plans and comment
Take Quiz 3.
Participate in DiscussionQuiz 3; Test will open on Wednesday.


             30%  Discussion Participation
             30%  Field Project
             20%  Lesson Plan
             20%  Quizzes (Two 10% each)

Textbook:  This course uses two chapters from a text book in progress by Steve Custer.  You will receive the chapters in the mail.
You may be interested in more optional reading on wetlands.

Due Dates:

Course Description or backup 


Field Project Assignment

Lesson Plan Assignment:

Lesson Plan Template:

Late Policy:

    No materials will be accepted after due date and time.  Late papers will receive a zero. This includes discussion, problem sets, and lesson plans.  However, documented cases of serious illness or accident should be discussed with instructor.  If possible, please contact the instructor prior to the assignment due date.

*Drop/Withdraw Policy:

    This policies above are set  by MSU and are not open to negotiation.  If you decide to drop, you are encouraged to do so early to save yourself time and money.  Instructor notification via email would be appreciated, but is not required for a drop.

*Plagiarism Policy:

    University policy regarding conduct including plagiarism is outlined at the hotlink above.  The first event of plagiarism will result in a  zero on the piece of work; the second event will result in an  F  for the course.