Syllabus Fall 2001

ESCI 517 Electronic Hydrology

Steve Custer
Earth Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717-3480
PH: 406 994 6906
Fax: 406 994 6923
Day Date Mon Topic  Reading/Problem

Mon 10 Sep U 01 - Welcome  What Works -- What Doesn't; Read me Second; Review course framework
Thur 13 Sep U 02 - Work With Web CT One Discussion; Survey; Quiz; 

Mon 17 Sep U 03 - Work With Web CT Two Mail; Grade;  Assignment Turn In; Turn In Protocol
Thur 20 Sep U 04 - Work with spreadsheets Download spread sheet; Parse; Graph;  Turn in an Assignment

Mon 24 Sep U 05 - SNOTEL - the concept  Crook, 1977;  Web Sites; Look at Video  Discuss
Thur 27 Sep U 06 - SNOTEL -- The Data 
(prec, SWE, density, temp, pil ; ADOPT)
Barton, 1977; Adopt data acquisition (Cut/Paste)

Mon 01 Oct U 07 - Down Load SNOTEL Precipitation US SCS (NRCS), 1988, 1992; 
Report information from SNOTEL download
Thur 04 Oct U8 - NOAA & AgriMet;   Compare to SNOTEL Finish Video If you have not done so:
NOAA and Agrimet on the World Wide Web

Mon 08 Oct U 09 - Data Quality Peck, 1997
Thur 11 Oct U 10 - Missing Data and Double Mass Peck, 1997; Searacy et al.; 1960

Mon 15 Oct U11 -  Missing Data Calc Fill in the gaps in a data set; Compare
Thur 18 Oct U12 - Moved Station - Double Mass Calc Did the station changes at the site affect the data?

Mon 22 Oct U13 - Quiz Precip Take Quiz
Thur 26 Oct U14 - Regression of Station Data 
(Elev; Precip; Temp)
Doeskin and Shaefer, 1987; Regression exercise

Mon 29 Oct U15 - Prepare  Lesson Plan I; 
incorporate work above.
 Share Lesson Plan
Thur 01 Nov U 16 - Gage Stations & Stage-Discharge Nolan et al, 2001, Introduction

Mon 05 Nov U 17 -  Hydrographs and kinds of discharge Leopold, 1968; Yang et. al., 1998
Thur 08 Nov U 18 - Graph Moving Average Hydrograph data analysis using moving averages

Mon 12 Nov U 19 -  Flood Recurrence Interval Dunne and Leopold, 1978
Thur 15 Nov U 20 -  Flood Recurrence Interval Calculation Hyalite, SW Montana Data Analysis

Mon 19 Nov U 21 a - Flood Frequency Curves
U 21 b - Floods and Urbanization
Riggs, 1968 
Loaiciga, 2001
Thur 22 Nov Thanksgiving Holiday

Mon 26 Nov U 22 -  Flood Frequency Curves 
Where You Live
Develop frequency curve and turn in
Thur 29 Nov U 23 - Use one of the exercises above to 
develop  lesson plan II
Share Your Lesson Plan

Mon 03 Dec U 24 -  Water-Well Data Caswell, 1996; Goodrich, 1992; 
MBMG Ground Water Information Center;   NRIS
Thur 06 Dec U 25 -  Calculate Potential Yield; 
            Your State's Data
Turn In Calculation

Mon 10 Dec U 26 - Ground Water and Drought MBMG Ground Water Information CenterNRIS
Discuss Ground Water Response to Drought
Thur 13 Dec U 27 -  Quiz -- Regression to Ground Water Take Quiz


             20%  Discussion Participation
             40%  Problem Solution of Known data sets.
             20%  Two lesson plans based on your exercises (10% each)
             20%  Quizes (Two 10% each)

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Late Policy:

    No materials will be accepted after due date and time.  Late papers will receive a zero. This includes discussion, problem sets, and lesson plans.  However, documented cases of serious illness or accident should be discussed with instructor.

Drop/Withdraw Policy:

    This policy is set by MSU and are not open to negotiation. The summary here does NOT replace the policy that came with your registration material.  Drops are allowed up to three weeks after the first day of class.  You must contact Kelly Boyce and the instructor and inform them of your intentions.  Notification is required.  Withdrawals are permitted from the fourth through the eighth week of class.  Again, you must notify Kelly Boyce and the instructor.

Plagiarism Policy:

    First event zero on the piece of work; second event will result in an  F  for course.