ESCI 519  Hydrology of Streams and Lakes

Instructor:  Stephan G. Custer
Summer, 2005
Da Mnth Topic Unit Number and Reading 
  (secondary readings in parentheses)
Field Exercise




Welcome to 519 


 1.  a. Welcome -- Check out Frame Work 
          fills in WebCT. 
      b. Read  Habits of Scientific Mind
      which is in  Science for All Americans
      which is part of the AAAS 2061 Project.

Work on exercises in Unit 001; 
Discussions close at the end 
of the day Wed, 22 June 


  23 June Longitudinal Profile
3.  Custer, 2003 Ch 5. Longitudinal Profile
Draw Long Profile; Due 29 June (You need to pick a site)

June Cross Section
4.  Bank-Full Video; 
      Custer, 2003,  Ch. 9. Cross Section
Go visit your site.
  30 June Discharge/Stage
  5. Custer, 2003, Ch. Appendix 1. Discharge 
     (Nolan)  (Stage Discharge)  
Measure Q + cross section 
Due 13 July

4 July Measure Cross Section 
and Discharge
  6.  No Discussion. This is field-work time and holiday. 
Remember the Muddy Discussion if you get stuck.  Read
Custer, 2004, Appendix 1, page 1-5. See also (Nolan)
If you want more help.  I presume floating stick method.
Read a comment on 4th of July work 
in the Framework area of WebCT
  7 July Hydraulics
  7.   Custer, 2003, Ch. 6. Hydraulics 
This chapter is in word format since equations 
don't translate into PDF.
Perform hydraulic calculations. 
Due 13 July.

  11 July Channel Features
 8.  Custer, 2003, Ch. 8. Channel Features
       Custer, 2003, Appendix 2 Maps
Map channel,  features, 
and pattern at your field site; 
Due 18 July  
  14 July Channel Pattern
9.  Custer, 2003, Ch. 7a Substrate 
      Ch. 7.  Channel Pattern, p. 1-12
Sinuosity 5w exercise Due 18 July
Quiz Through Hydraulics Due 20 July

18 July Channel Pattern Process
 10.  Custer 2003, Ch 7. Channel Pattern, 
p. 12-36. Begin Lesson Plan Work
Time allocated to work on Lesson Plan.  Feel free to
Think forward, Drainage Basin and Evaporation are OK
 21 July Drainage Basin
2.  Custer, 2003 Ch 4.  Drainage Basin
Begin Measure DB; Due  25 July.

25 July Ponds: Evaporation 
 (Mass Transfer )
11.  Ch 19 (Focus on Mass Transfer p. 1-8). Chapter is in Word
so equations are readable.
Lesson Plan  Work 
Lesson Plan Due
27 July 17:00 h your time.
Ground Water
12.  Ch. 2. Riparian and Wetland Areas, p. 5-11
Quiz Due 29 July 
Features Through Ground Water



Students are expected to read the material assigned so that they are prepared for discussion and can use the material in the reading when working on exercises.

Course Grade

    Discussion        30%   See  discussion assignment
    Exercises          30%   See individual assignments
    Lesson Plan      20%   See assignment for grading criteria
    Quizes              20%   There are two.

*Late Policy:

    No materials will be accepted after due date and time.  Late papers will receive a zero. This includes discussion, problem sets, and lesson plans.  However, documented cases of serious illness,  accident or family emergency should be discussed with instructor.  If possible, please contact the instructor prior to the assignment due date.

*Drop/Withdraw Policy:

    This policies above are set  by MSU and are not open to negotiation.  If you decide to drop, you are encouraged to do so early to save yourself time and money.  Instructor notification via email would be appreciated, but is not required for a drop.

*Plagiarism Policy:

    University policy regarding conduct including plagiarism is outlined at the hotlink above.  The first event of plagiarism will result in a  zero on the piece of work; the second event will result in an  F  for the course.