Geology 400

Autumn Semester 2005
Discussion Syllabus
Steve Custer
Office Hours
e-mail:; Phone 6906
118 Traphagen Hall
Seminar Friday 9:00-9:50 
 Linfield Hall 233
Mon Date Day Topic Reading
Sep 02 F General Discussion of Course proceedures/Expectations
Discuss Field trip;  
Discuss early seminar week of  October 14
Figure 10 NS x Sect Rye and Truesdale 1993 Reasonable?
How many peole have seen hydrothermal features?  Field Trip requirement.
Class Interest Survey.
Field Trip Cost. Assign Groups.

Sep 09 F Unit 1. Carbonate Hot Springs  LaDuke/Bear/Structure
Sorey, 1991, WRI 91 4052 p b1-c24
Skim Sorey (Hamilton and Chambers) p. E11-E19 esp. fig. E8.

Sep 16 F Unit 2. Carbonate Hot Springs age;   Mammoth Features
Sorey WRI 91-4052 p C-24-37; Bargar, 1978, p. 31-33.


 Sep 23 F Unit 3.  Carbonate Hot Springs  Travertine Facies and Controls
Fouke et al., 2000; Bargar, 1978, p. 17-29.  

Unit 4.  Silica Hot Springs (Norris)
BEWARE MEET THURSDAY AT 3:00 in Trap 408 Due to Jury Duty.  If Jury dismissed I will email and modify this note.
Fournier, 1989, p 13-32;  White et al., 1988, p.3-13 & look at pictures; Fournier et al. 1992 Optional

 Oct 07 F Unit 5.  Silica hydrothermal  facies
Guidry and Chaftez,  2002; Fournier et al, 1991; Bargar and Beeson, 1981 (alteration mineralogy)
 Oct  14
Fouke Lecture 104 Reid 12:00

Unit 6. Silica Hot Springs (In the Lake)
Morgan et al., 2003; Johnson et al., 2003

 Oct 21 F Unit 7.  Steam Explosion Craters  (Early)
Morgan et al., 2003;  Johnson et al. 2003; Muffler et al.,  1971;

Weekend Field Trip Required 22 and 23 October

Oct  28 F AWRA MEETING (Comp time for field trip)

Nov 04 F Unit 8. Recharge (Isotopic Evidence)
  Rye and Truesdell, 1992 (required); Rye and Truesdell, 1993 (Supplemental)

 Nov 11 F Veteran's Day Holiday


 Nov 18 F Chloride Flux
Norton and Friedman, 1985; supplemental Friedman and Norton, in press, p. 14-22

Nov 25 F Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 02 F Unit 10.  Hydrothermal System Variabilty
Rojstaczer et al, 2003;   (Barger, 1978; Fournier et al. 1991 optional); Custer et al., 1993;  (TOC and MBMG, 2002; Heasler et al., 2004 optional).

 Dec 09 F Comp time for field trip.

Please Turn off your cell phone when you come to class.


This seminar is based upon journal articles, proposals, and United States Geological Survey open-file reports.   The references are provided to you on a CD. You may read them on the computer or if you prefer, print them so you have a hard copy you can read.  Some of the papers have color images.  If you prefer reading the papers in hard copy but want to save money, one strategy that you might consider is to print the paper in black and white and read it near a computer so you can look at the color photographs.  

Course Grade

This is a seminar course.  Attendance is required and will be taken at each class.  Your grade will be based upon presence in the seminar each week, participation in the seminar, and the quality of your participation in the seminar.  You will be asked to lead or teach some seminar sessions.  The class cannot function unless you have read the material BEFORE class.  The course is graded pass not pass. Persistent absense from class or persistent evidence of lack of preparation for class will result in course failure.  

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