Geology 583
Applied Geohydrology
Autumn Semester 2006
Steve Custer
Office Hours
Office: 118 Traphagen Hall
e-mail:; Phone: 994-6906

Mon Date Day Topic Reading

Aug  29 T Course Organize

31 R Observe geoprobe Technology
Start Reading about Slug Tests

Sep 05 T Slug Tests -- Low K
Bower Rice, Butler 7, 9-27, 46-53, 82-83, 94-97, skim 105-132

Do a Bail Test

07 R Bail  Tests -- High K
Wylie and Magnuson,   Fetter,  Butler149-169 (optional)

Sep 12 T  Bail Tests Continued and Bail Tests -- Limitations
Weight and Whitman, Weight and Sonderegger; review Buttler readings above  Chen (optional, skim)

Analyze Low K and High K Bail Tests

14 R Madison Aquifer
Huntoon (Sever); Huntoon (Rejection); Optional Huntoon Gradient

Madison Aquifer
Miller, 1976; Roberts 1976, p.4-8

High K Bail Tests

Step Drawdown Test
Kawecki; Caswell; Driscoll (optional)

 Sept 26 T
Madison Aquifer
Sando, 1988; Aram, 1981; Optional, Roberts, 1966

Look at Madison Section  Bail Test Results Due

28 R Madison Aquifer
Head and Merkel; Downey

 Oct 03 T Groundwater Isotopes
Schwartz, Fetter, etc

Work on Madison Problem Meet Lee and define problem, Visit site

  05 R Groundwater Isotopes

Oct 10 T Plummer et al, 1999
Ground Water v. 38#2 p. 264-283

Work on Madison Problem

12 R AWRA Polson Oct. 12-13
Go to AWRA

 Oct 17 T

  19 R

Oct  24 T Test through KT

  26 R  
Coal Bed Methane Hydrology  Physical

Bartos and Ogle 2002 p. 1-24

Oct 31 T Coal Bed Methane Hydrology GeoChemical
 Bartos and Ogle 2002 p. 24-53; AWRA  Paper

 Nov 02 R CBM  Isotopes
 Bartos and Ogle 2002 p. 53-75

 Nov 07 T Election Day Holiday Vote!

Petra Project Orientation

  09 R  Coalbed Methane Fractures
Stoner; also Stone and Snoeberger

 Nov 14 T Stratigraphy Gallatin Valley

  16 R Nitrate in Ground Water Septic System Operation
Vogel MT 9401; 9403
 Wilhelm et al.GW 32 p. 905-915

Petra Project
Nov 21 T Nitrate in Ground Water Water Chem  
Robertson et al. 1991 GW v 29 p. 82-92

  23 R Thanksgiving Holiday  

Nov 28 T Nitrate in Ground Water Isotopes Fogg et al, GW v 36, p. 418-426

Bauman Schafer Model Due

30 R Melick; Custer

 Dec 05 T Peebles; Hansen

Trimble;  Scarr
Overturf; Holley

  07 R Price; Schaffer

Dec 13
R 4-5:50 Final Exam 

Estimate K from T -- Gallatin Valley
WebData   and GWIC


Reading will be from journal articles. Good books to have as resources for field work include:

Driscoll, F. G., 1986, Groundwater and Wells (second edition): St. Paul, Minnesota, Johnson Division, 1089 p.
Weight, W. and Sonderegger, J., 2001, Manual of Applied Field Hydrology:  New York, McGraw Hill, 608 p.

No book is required.  Papers for review will be made available for you to read.

Course Grade

Tests:  40%  (20% per exam).                                   40
Problems: 50%                                                         40
    Bail Test Analysis                                                  10  (+5)
    Madison Problem                                                  25
    Petra                                                                       0  (-20)
    Septic Contamination                                              5   (+5)
Project Paper and Presentation:                                 20    (+10)

Possible Projects (Team work is encouraged; Separate Papers and presentations either as modules or as separate deliverables are required)

Temperature Analysis VS2D
Proposal for Madison Aquifer Isotope Analysis at Big Sky
Would Tracers work at Big Sky or at Wine Glass Mountain?
Conceptual Model for the Madison Aquifer in the Powder River Basin
Visual Modflow Model of Alluvial Fan Aquifer ????????
Madison seepage runs in the Big Sky area or Bozeman Area
Some other idea related to your thesis work or thesis interests or general interests


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