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Montana Made

University Food Service recognizes that the nature of the food service business has a measurable effect on the environment which is why we are committed to substantially minimizing waste, conserving natural resources, and providing more sustainable solutions in our food service operations. The Montana Made Program is one of several sustainability initiatives created and implemented by UFS to support this critical commitment.  Montana State University Food Service currently works with over 50 local vendors.  During fiscal year 2012, UFS spent $1.1 million on products that were grown and/or processed, manufactured, and distributed throughout the state of Montana.  This represents 23% of the total annual budget and a 10% increase over fiscal year 2011.  This money is being reinvested in the local community by supporting Montana farmers, ranchers, processors, and distributors.  These Montana Made products are featured, many on a daily basis, in all Food Service operations including the Residence Dining Halls, SUB Retail Locations, University Catering, and Concessions.



The Montana Made Program is a local food buying initiative created  by Montana State University Food Services to optimize and promote the use of Montana processed, grown and/or manufactured products.  The program serves as a catalyst for education and outreach with the purpose of encouraging and building a healthy local food system on campus and  throughout the Bozeman community. 


University Food Services will continue to enrich the MSU campus and community by annually increasing Montana made purchases and forming new partnerships with local farmers, producers, and distributors. UFS is committed to pursuing and sharing educational opportunities to advance localization, community involvement and cooperation, which will ultimately enhance the economic, environmental, and social health of Bozeman and the greater state of Montana.





MSU Food Services would like to increase the amount of local foods that are served on campus in order to contribute to the long term sustainability of our University, community, and state. By becoming a part of the state & local efforts to help build a stable and competitive local food economy in Montana, MSU Food Services will be able to give students and the campus community a taste of the rich agricultural state in which they reside.

The Montana Made Program:

• Introduces fresh and healthy local products to the MSU campus while encouraging healthier lifestyles.

• Creates a sustainable food system for the campus and community, improving future food security for consumers and producers in the state of Montana.

• Creates awareness and educational opportunities
regarding nutrition, sustainable agriculture & local food systems.

• Acts as an advocate and support system for local
farmers, producers, and distributers.

• Facilitates relationships between the MSU campus and our local community

• Encourages land preservation.

• Reduces the use of fossil fuels by decreasing the “food miles.”


Montana Mondays  Come celebrate Montana food and the taste of local flavor! Local dishes featuring various vendors and the fantastic culinary skills of the Executive Chef are offered during lunch in the Union Market on  Mondays during fall and spring semesters.

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MontanaFest Dinner  In October, the Residence Dining Halls host a special dinner that features local Montana products. These dinners provide a great opportunity to show residential students the real bounty that Montana has to offer.

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Montana Made Late Nite Bites  Indulge in some tasty local treats while supporting your local community every Thursday night during Late Nite Bites from 7:00 pm - Midnight at Miller Dining Hall.

Annual Local Food Fair & Symposium  Keynote speakers, roundtable sessions, and a vendor showcase, provide outreach and education to the campus and  community on topics related to sustainability, nutrition and local food systems.

Towne’s Harvest Garden UFS currently purchases produce from THG, MSU's student experiential learning farm. THG is part of the SFBS program.

Earth Week  To honor and celebrate Earth Week in April, a Montana Made breakfast, lunch, and dinner is offered in all the Residence Dining Halls on the Wednesday of Earth Week.

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University Catering  Local food items are utilized in daily and special event catering menus whenever possible as well as in the football Sky Suite menu.



Nicole Morgan, Program Coordinator