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Selling to University Food Services

University Food Services and the Montana Made Program, are committed to providing customers with healthy and tasteful opportunities to enjoy local food. We are constantly looking for ways to utilize more local vendors in our menus. If you are interested in selling to UFS, please review the following vendor resources and contact the Montana Made Coordinator or our University Sanitarian with any questions.

The following requirements will be in place until the proposed Food Safety and Modernization Act is adopted as FDA code later this year.  They will then be reviewed and modified as needed.


University Food Services requires that all produce sold to MSU is from an approved source.  To become approved as a vendor, read through the Procurement Standards.  Below is a summary of the criteria:

  • Yearly water test samples, testing for E. coli and Coliform counts.  Call MT DPHHS Environmental Laboratory at (800) 821-7284 to request a test kit or contact your local laboratory.
  • Completed copy of the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) checklist
  • A copy of your on-farm food safety practices.  Need help developing yours?  Family Farmed has a very helpful website to guide you:


All meat sold to MSU must be processed in either a USDA or a State inspected facility.  To become an approved vendor, the following criteria apply:

  • Provide information on the processing facility used (name, location and inspecting agency).
  • Upon delivery all meat must be marked with the USDA or MT Department of Livestock stamp of approval.
  • Meat must be delivered in refrigerated trucks or packed in a cooler with ice and must be either frozen or at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit upon receipt (temps will be taken at delivery and refused if above 41 degrees).

Value Added Products

Producers adding value to their products may become an approved MSU vendor by following the procedures below:

 For more information about the Food Safety and Modernization Act visit

Download and print the Montana Made Vendor Requirements.