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The eight most common food allergens as identified by the FDA labeling law account for 90% of all reported food allergies. These include: egg, milk, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat.

Food Allergy Warning:

Montana State University Food Service makes every attempt to identify the eight most common allergens in food items served in the residence dining commons. The residence hall kitchens, and the Indulge, In-House Bakery,however, are not allergen or gluten free. Every effort is made to safely prepare and serve foods, including those items with peanuts and tree nuts, but there is always a risk of cross contamination of allergens or gluten.

Additionally, ingredients and nutritional content may vary. Manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency without our knowledge. While we make every effort to identify nutrition data and allergen information, we cannot assure against these contingencies. Additionally, product availability may fluctuate. Be sure to check the serving line for the posting of any last minute ingredient or recipe changes.

Please contact a food service manager and Nutritionist if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.

Miller Dining Commons
Marilyn Cox, Manager, 406-994-4270

Harrison Dining Commons
Rose Cain, Manager, 406-994-7592

Hannon Dining Commons
Mitch Crane, Manager, 406-994-4260

Jill Abbott Stoltzfus, 406-994-7097


It is the responsibility of the customer with food allergies or sensitivites to make the final judgement on whether or not to question the ingredients of a food item or to choose to eat the food item. Substitutions for menu items will be noted on electronic menu screens and point of sale.


  • View specific menus or make meal choices while viewing ingredient lists as well as their respective nutritional values.
  • View current meal offerings in Hannon, Harrison, and Miller Dining Commons.
  • Make meal selections while reviewing nutritional content.
  • Add items to your personal meal selections and the system automatically tallies the nutritional information of the total meal.

Navigating Through Cat Counter

Step 1: Choose a desired meal.

Step 2: Select the desired location.

Step 3: Food items for the current day's menu will be broken down into categories. To view ingredients and associated nutritional facts for a specific food item, click the arrow located in the right hand column.

Step 4: To create your personal menu, add specific food items by clicking the plus sign to the left of the item's name. As more items are added to your menu, a running total can be found by clicking the "Nutrition Summary" button located at the bottom of your selected menu items.


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