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    Policies & Procedures

Dining Hall Table Tents


  • Only registered campus organizations and departments may display table tents in the dining halls at MSU. Name of the group sponsoring the Table Tent must be visible and printed on each Table Tent
  • Table tents must be reviewed and approved by the Residence Life Cashier’s Office prior to display
  • Table Tents may be taken to the Residence Life Cashier’s Office in Hedges Complex between 8:30am-4:30pm Monday thru Friday to be submitted for approval or send a proof in PDF form to  If approved, the Residence Life Cashiers Office will initial and/or indicate approval on the submitted copy
  • Groups are responsible for copying, counting and sorting table tents by dining hall.  Table tents must be folded, stapled, or otherwise prepared for display prior to delivery to the Residence Life Cashier's Office.
  • To be grouped as listed below
    • 100 – Miller Dining Hall
    • 75 – Harrison Dining Hall
    • 50 – Hannon Café
  • Completed and approved table tents must be submitted to the Residence Life Cashier’s Office by Thursday at close of business for distribution the following week.
  • Table Tents must not include profanity, nudity or any mention of, either implied or explicit, alcohol or drugs.  Table Tents deemed to be offensive or degrading to others, either implicitly or explicitly, based on gender, race, religion or social class will not be approved.  Table Tents of political nature will not be accepted, including but not limited to opposition or support of ballot initiatives, elected officials etc.
  • Any Table Tents found distributed without approval will be removed and destroyed
  • Any group found distributing unauthorized Table Tents will be removed from the building immediately and if need be Campus Police will be contacted
  • Groups found violating these procedures will not be granted approval for future Table Tents


  • Step 1: Call Residence Life Cashiers office at 994-2942 between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday thru Friday to check availability and sign up
  • Step 2: Bring proof to Residence Life Cashiers Office for approval
  • Step 3: Print approved table tents, separate according to dining hall numbers listed above and deliver to Residence Life Cashiers Office prior to deadline

           Call the Cashier's Office at 994-2942 with any questions.