The UIT Evaluation office offers paper and online faculty course evaluations each semester

Request Evaluations

The course_evals mailing list is the primary means used by the office to communicate evaluation instructions and information to departments each semester. To request evaluations email and you will be added to the list.

Report any instructor/course changes as soon as possible to allow adequate time to enter the correct data before the forms are generated.

Overview of Course Evaluation Process

  • Departments update instructor and course information in Banner by the 15th day of classes. Evaluation requests are made by completing the Evaluation Request form provided by the Evaluation office at the beginning of each semester.
  • The Evaluation office generates personalized evaluations for each course/instructor requested. Departments are notified when paper evaluation forms are ready for pick-up. Paper evaluations are distributed to departments by campus mail.
  • The evaluation period (the window when evals are given to students) is the last 2 weeks of classes. Online evaluation reminders are sent on the seventh day of the evaluation period, and a notification is sent to the instructor at the midpoint of the evaluation period if the response rate is below 50%. The evaluation period ends at midnight prior to the beginning of the first day of finals week.
  • Reports are emailed to departments the following semester as soon as possible after the end of the semester.

Early Evaluations

Please note the following special instructions for ordering early evalutions.
An "early" evaluation refers to an evaluation given to students mid-semester.

  • Use a separate form to make request (do not include with standard end of semester requests).
  • Mark the end date of the course(s) clearly on the form.
  • Make sure the request is at the Eval Office at least 1 week prior to end of course.