The Bridger Research Network was funded and implemented towards providing needed infrastructure for on-campus "Science Drivers", current research labs on campus.  The needs of these Science Drivers are the initial focus of the usage of this network.  In the future, the network will be extended to other research labs on campus to provide the infrastructure to a larger audience.


The Science Drivers of the Bridger Research Network

Virology Lab

Mark Young

  • Isolation and molecular/structural characterization of viruses 
  • Use Case: Data movement between lab and non-Bridger instruments, off-campus  collaborators, and Hyalite HPC  storage
Center for Biofilm Engineering

Phil Stewart

  • Biofilm research, education, and technology transfer
  • Use Case: Data movement between instrument and storage, storage and processing workstations, and between storage and off-campus repositories.
Ecosystems Dynamics Lab

Ben Poulter

  • Global change on vegetation dynamics due to the interactions between climate, disturbance, and human activity
  • Use Case: Data movement between lab and Hyalite HPC storage
Spatial Science Center

Rick Lawrence

  • Satellite imagery covering large spatial extents
  • Use Case: Data movement between lab workstations, office workstations, and shared storage, data download from USGS 

David Roberts

  • Large-scale data analysis of vegetation and environmental data 
  • Use Case: Hosting public databases of data 
Acoustic Biome Measurement System

Ross Snider

  • Wild animal vocal, positional, and movement behavior recording system 
  • Use Case: Rapid data sync between MSU and UCSD, access to Hyalite data on in-lab workstations 
Optical Remote Sensing Lab

Joe Shaw

  • Development of optical remote sensing equipment for the natural environment 
  • Use Case: Data Processing Virtual Machines accessed via RDP from the LAN, data storage in Bridger,  data download from NASA, NASA-GLEN, inbound data connections from JPL 
Life on TERRA

Dennis Aig

  • Award-winning video (and other media) documentary series exploring natural connections that propel life on earth
  • Use Case: Staging area for finished film data for moving to other locations



Flash I/O Network Appliance (FIONA)

The FIONA is a specification for a high performance input/output workstation that is capable of utilizing and testing high performance research networks. 

The research labs will all have FIONA workstations installed in them, they will be used to manage access between Bridger and existing campus resources.



Lab Network Speeds

The following graph shows lab network speeds following tests after Bridger buildout in comparison to those before (or pre-grant).

  • Average Latency Before: 10.3ms
  • Average Latency for Bridger: 0.17ms

Graph of pre-grant network speeds in the labs.