Thank you to all who participated in MSU's 2017 campaign for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It was a great success. While October is over, it is more important than ever for to each of us to do all we can to keep our computers and data secure.

LANDesk is the primary tool that MSU employs to support and keep University-owned computers secure. Once the LANDesk client is installed on a computer, IT staff are able to manage important maintenance tasks in an accurate and timely manner. These tasks include:

  • applying system updates
  • applying security updates
  • tracking assets
  • supporting end users through remote access

Importance of keeping up to date

Keeping a computer's software and operating system up to date is crucial to protecting it from "bad guys". Updates fix more than bugs in software, they also correct security holes that if left open, leave data vulnerable to compromise. Using LANDesk, UIT is able to ensure machines are kept current by managing updates.

Case in point: In late April of 2017,  the "Wanna Cry" computer attack hit Europe hard, bringing down thousands of computers in universities, hospitals, and other large institutions. This attack was due to a hole that hackers found and then exploited in the Windows operating system. The unfortunate thing about the attack, was that had these exploited computers been updated in a timely fashion, they would have been safe because earlier in March Microsoft released a security update that patched the hole that hackers would later use.

Why restarting your computer matters

Many updates, like the Microsoft one detailed above, require a restart in order to complete installation. This is one of the reasons —and probably the most critical— why every so often UIT sends out a "restart your  computer" reminder to the MSU community.  This is also where LANDesk can play a big part in update management because it allows administrators to see if a computer has received and completely installed an update.  In critical situations, like WannaCry, it allowed us to see computers on campus that received the update but still needed a restart and then be able to make sure it happened. 

Visit Restart Your Computer for more information on other benefits of a weekly reboot.

Got LANDesk?

Not sure if LANDesk is installed on your computer? Look for this logo:

  • Menu bar icon for LANDesk on a Mac Mac - icon located in the top menu bar 
  • LANDesk icon seen in the Desktop Tray on a Windows computerWindows - icon located in desktop tray (click small up arrow near clock at the bottom right)

If you don't see it, contact your favorite departmental IT Staff member or visit the UIT LANDesk webpage where you can download it as well as find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Show what you know & win!

Test your LANDesk knowledge by taking the quiz using the link below and be entered in the weekly and grand prize NCSAM@MSU giveaway!

Congratulations to Betsey Pitts!  Quiz completer and winner of the week 1 prize drawing.