Radius CRM improves recruitment communication and related services that helps bring top quality students to MSU.

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Student CRM Timeline Status as of 1 Apr 2018 

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Work Completed

✓ ESG implementation for MSU 4-campus undergraduate, International Programs & Graduate College deployed

✓ Bozeman Chemistry Graduate Program communication pilot deployed

Next Steps

  1. CRM moved to maintenance for the ESG Student team
  2. Student Success and PMO CRM Analyst continue to onboard other department and college specific 
    recruitment communication plans 
  3. Optimization of recruitment analytics 

Prospect Statistics for AY 2017-2018

Type of Prospect Total Applicant Admitted
All Contacts 82399 20794 13050
Undergraduate 79111 18914 12020
Undergraduate International 677 619 289
Graduate 2629 1340 592
Graduate International 1127 312 67