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Data Census

Dear Colleagues,

MSU has the opportunity to respond to a new solicitation from the National Science Foundation that could provide up to $500,000 to enhance the data-intensive cyberinfrastructure on the Bozeman campus. To help us submit a competitive proposal and to drive future campus networking deployment, data storage, and curation services we need to better understand faculty data.

We are asking for your participation in a "Data Census". We are interested in data produced by MSU research efforts and understand that significant repositories already exist in various disciplines on and off campus. The input you provide will help us better categorize these assets, identify data of which we are unaware, and understand who is using that data.

The survey instrument was developed by Chief Information Officer, Jerry Sheehan; Dean of the Library, Kenning Arlitsch; Vice President for Research, Renee Reijo Pera; and their staff. Results will be shared with the Bozeman Information Technology Council, the Research Council, and the President's Executive Committee.

Please feel free to contact either Jerry ( or Kenning ( with questions about the Data Census.

Start the Data Census.


Jerry Sheehan, Chief Information Officer
Kenning Arlitsch, Dean of the Library
Renee Reijo Pera, Vice President for Research