The RCG has experienced application developers on staff able to provide software infrastructure to aide in research and administration. Our group’s development is based on an agile style of software architecting to provide the quickest access to prototype software for users to identify features and gather feedback early on. This enables us to develop projects in months instead of years and to add features as requested.


Examples of RCG Applications Developed at MSU for Academic and Research Infrastructure

The Faculty Activity Database (FAD) is an application that is used annually to collect performance data for all faculty at Montana State University. FAD provides department heads, deans, and administrators with data collected directly from faculty annually.  This application has been in production for 3 years, and approximately 80% of faculty use it for their annual review reporting.

The Protocol Authorization Manager (PAM) is designed to help the MSU Institutional Biosafety Committee review and oversee research and teaching activities that use recombinant DNA, infectious agents, and toxins.  This application has been in production for 6 months.

The Virtual Observatory and Ecological Informatics System (VOEIS) is a collaborative project between MT and KY and partners from industry and the public sector to develop an integrated sensor and ecological informatics system through the use of modern cyberinfrastructure resources. Dr. Jacobs leads the development of the data management and computational infrastructure aspects of this project.