Hyalite Compute & Storage Cluster

The HYALITE Research Computing Cluster was installed in December, 2014.  It is a small cluster of 77 (XEON) nodes for 2600 HT cores and has 700 TB of Lustre storage. HYALITE is able to churn out about 22 tera-flops of raw computing power. 

Large-Scale Storage

RCI has developed workflows and best practices for large scale data storage and archive which utilize existing MSU resources. We can assist research groups in implementing these workflows and customizing them to meet specific needs. 

Globus Endpoint


The RCI Storage Cloud platform offers a Globus Endpoint that researchers can use to transfer files from nearly any machine using Globus.   Globus was developed to enable grid computing: by connecting computing resources, the data can be freed from its initial source, and made portable—even if it’s huge.

For more information please email rci-support@montana.edu.

Dedicated Computation

RCI supplies computational resources to aid researchers in performing computationally intense operations. We can provide consultation and support for dedicated and unique computational research systems.  In addition, we act as a liaison between MSU and cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft via Pacific Northwest Gigapop and Internet2.  We also have two XSEDE campus champions with access to startup allocations for XSEDE HPC resources and can help researchers with deployment.