ATTENTION:   SonicWALL was removed on August 10, 2017. All spam filtering is done by Office 365 Exchange Online Protection and Outlook junk mail filters.  

SonicWALL was removed in order to simplify email handling for the MSU community and to leverage the power of Office 365 filters.

Yes, however mail left in SonicWALL will only be available until September 15, 2017. Retrieve it by logging into

1.  You can increase the aggressiveness of Outlook's anti-spam filter.  To do so follow these instructions: Change the level of protection in the Junk Email filter

NOTE: These instructions apply only to Outlook for Windows. Microsoft removed this ability inOutlook 2016 for Mac.  

2.  You can block senders.  Please see the Outlook section in Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions where there are instructions for doing this in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Outlook Web.