spark logoCisco Spark is an enterprise grade collaboration app where individuals and teams can post messages, share content, and meet face to face in an open space accessible from nearly any device, anywhere in the world. It's like a virtual conference room, created for all your teams with everything everyone needs to do their best work, together.

Instantly create work spaces in Spark for use with another person or an entire Team.  Spaces are persistent, secure, and always accessible anytime and from any device.

Instructions for using Spark 

Spark Features

Students and faculty/staff have slightly different features in Spark. Use the table below to determine which features you have. 

Note on Data Stewardship, Security and file sharing in Spark:  Please consult MSU's Data Stewardship Policy for information about the data that is appropriate to share in Spark.

Feature  Student Account Faculty/Staff Account


File Sharing

Meeting spaces with Screen Sharing
Up to 3 Participants*
Up to 25 Participants    
1:1 Video Calling with Screen Sharing
Mobile calendar and contacts Integration
Content and media Encryption
Space Moderation
Entitlement to WebEx Meeting Center
*If you are a student and need to create a Spark space for more than 3 participants please work with a faculty or staff member and have them create the room for you. 

Benefits of using Spark:

  • Decreased meeting times from an hour to 20 minutes
  • Messaging takes 30% less time than composing emails
  • Simple set up makes it easy to meet with teams, instantly
  • Balance multiple projects at once in the same place (use different rooms for different projects or teams)