Students have 2 main IDs that are used to access most services and software on campus. 

MSU ID -  is in the form of 8 numbers preceded by a - (-12345678). It is used with a PIN to access MyInfo and MyProfile the location where you set/change your NetID password.  

NetID -  is in the form of letter 2 numbers letter 3 numbers (a12b786).  It is used with a password that is set in MyProfile at

Your NetID is used to access the following services:

Montana State Box is MSU's cloud file storage and collaboration tool. Box student accounts come with unlimited storage, and the ability to share and access files easily from anywhere you have an Internet connection. 

Learn how to access your Box account.

Brightspace is MSU's learning management system.

Brightspace login page

Help and other resources

UIT Student Computer Labs

UIT operates 16 student computer labs at MSU in addition to offering public-access computers in Renne Library, Strand Union Building and the Hosaeus Fitness Center.

Software available on lab computers and virtual desktops
Lab locations


Residential Hall Computer Labs

Computer labs are available for student use in the following residence halls:

  • Hannon Hall
  • Hapner Hall
  • Hedges, North and South
  • Johnstone Center
  • Langford Hall 
  • Roskie Hall 
  • Yellowstone Hall 

Headwaters and Freshman Apartments residents may use the North Hedges lab.  

All ResNet lab computers have Microsoft Office loaded, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

All MSU students are automatically provisioned an MSU Office 365 mailbox.

Email address format is

Sign in with:

      User name:  (for example,
      Password: NetID password

Email information

Students can visit or contact the UIT Service Desk for technical help on campus.

Phone: 406 994-1777
Location: MSU Library Commons
Hours: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Friday - (excluding holidays & breaks)

On Campus

Printers are available in the following campus locations:

  • Animal BioScience 234
  • AJM 233
  • Linfield 232
  • SUB (by Ask-Us desk)
  • Reid 306
  • Roberts 110
  • Wilson 185
  • Renne Library

Learn how to access free printing with your CatCard

In Residence Halls

Printing is provided by the WEPA print kiosks in the following locations:

  • Hannon Hall
  • Hapner Hall
  • Hedges (North and South)
  • Johnstone Center
  • Langford Hall 
  • Roskie Hall 
  • Yellowstone Hall 

WEPA printing information

Students can download the following list of software at no additional cost. Use links for download instructions and information. 

MSU has a subscription to Lynda training tutorials available through Renne Library. Learn more at

WebEx is a video conferencing and collaboration tool.  If you have a smart phone or a computer with a video cam you can take advantage of this software. 

WebEx information and instructions

WebEx Login

MSU's Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows users to to securely access content on the campus network from remote locations.

VPN configuration instructions

MSU-Secure is MSU's secured wireless network available on campus and in residential housing. It requires your NetID and password to access.

Learn how to access MSU-Secure.

MSU-Guest is an unsecured wireless network available for guests on campus.  It does not require authentication to access. 


ResNet is the IT support source for students living on campus in residence halls or family/grad housing. Services include technical help for computers and mobile devices, virus removal,  assistance with the internet connection in your residence hall, and more.

Visit for detailed information.