As a listed co-permittee on the City of Bozeman’s Multiple Separate Storm Sewer System permit (MS4), Montana State University has an active role in protecting and enhancing our community’s waterways. MSU’s stormwater system is integrated into the City’s, and cooperation and coordination are critical in maintaining functionality as well as realizing potential improvements.

Using the MS4 permit and associated requirements as a guide, the City and MSU have developed a Stormwater Management Plan.

For more information on stormwater, including system maps and the Stormwater Management Plan see—

Fun Facts

  • Stormwater compliance is a regulatory requirement
  • All stormwater eventually ends up in our natural waterways
  • Mandeville Creek and Bozeman Creek are the receiving waters for MSU’s storm water
  • There are 14 outfalls from the MSU stormwater piping system into Mandeville Creek
  • MSU’s stormwater enters Bozeman Creek through the City’s stormwater piping system
  • MSU is responsible for repairs and maintenance of the stormwater system within our boundaries
  • Over 16 miles of pipe convey MSU’s stormwater to the City stormwater system
  • There are approximately 225 inlets in MSU’s stormwater system
  • There are over 160 service manholes in MSU’s stormwater system